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Closing Down Sale!!
    Hello all ...

First off I would like to thank all our customers for the years of support in purchasing items off us. It has been a hard decision but with the changes in the game it is not longer a viable option. I have therefore decided and come up with an excellent way to dissolve the remaining stock in an incredible offer to the players out there. I would appreciate it if you pass it on and have as many UK players take advantage of this once and only opportunity. I will say now that dealers please do not try to purchase these cards as this is my way of letting all the card go out in a way I'm happy with and I will block any purchase I think is from a dealer. The offer(s) are hopefully going to be the following :

Please note : Postage amounts are for the UK only you need to enquire for other countries and payment is always in British Pounds. Any orders or enquiries :

Repack RARE boosters available NOW

Each booster will hold 14 RARES !!!! FOR ONLY 2.50 per booster plus postage and packing (that's only 18p per rare)

Now these will not be all rubbish rares... Each booster will contain 1 (A list Rare), 3 (B list Rares) and 10 (C list Rares). Most likely the value you receive could be at least 2 to 3 times the 2.50 value.

What are A,B and C rares .... Well I have chosen what I consider are the best rares to be on the A list, the medium rares to be on the B list and the remaining rares to be on the C list

But hold on it doesn't end there ..... I have also counted any foil rare as A list, any foil uncommon as B list and any foil common on C list

What if I want more than a few ... Again the deal gets even better if you want 36 of these (equivalent of booster box) then you can get them for 70 plus postage+packing (likely to be 6.50)

How can I pay ? .... As the prices are rock bottom, you can only pay with Cash (at your own risk), Cheque (will send once cleared) and Paypal (you will have to pay fees on top for this service)

Postage costs, when can I order, can I see what's on the A and B lists ...

What sets will it cover ... Basically all that I've previously had up for sale, the newest being Zendikar to the oldest being Odyssey

Will the rares be all the same set ? .... No, they will all be mixed up in their groups as best as possible and sealed up randomly, the boosters will be chosen at random so we have no idea what has been sent out

Refunds etc .... I hope you can appreciate that there will be no refunds for this product. If you choose not to have insured postage then the item will be sent at your risk.

Quality of cards ... Anyone who has dealt with me will know that all cards are near perfect from a booster that you can get. There should be no wear and tear as these are near mint to mint cards.

We also have :

Full Sets for Sale available now

Set and Price

Rise of Eldrazi (Full set including mythics) - Qty 4 available - 110 plus p+p (6.50) each

Worldwake (Full set including mythics) - Qty 7 available - 100 plus p+p (6.50) each

Zendikar (Full set including mythics) - Qty 3 available - 80 plus p+p (6.50) each

Phophecy - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

Invasion (missing Rith the Awakener) - Qty 1 available - 45 plus p+p (6.50) each

Planeshift - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

Torment - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

Judgement (2 are missing Jeska Warrior Adept) - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

Legions  - Qty 3 available - 30 plus p+p (6.50) each

Scourge - Qty 1 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

Nemesis - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

4th Edition - Qty 1 available - 40 plus p+p (6.50) each

Ice Age - Qty 2 available - 35 plus p+p (6.50) each

100 Random Uncommons available in 2 weeks time

100 Randomly pulled uncommons at a real low price of just 5.00 + postage and packing (3.00) each

These will be from the various sets Zendikar to Odyssey as stated before. We will also throw in randomly good value commons like Rune Snag, Llanowar Elves etc.

Please come back soon for the various lists of RARES and to order your closing down items while they last !!!